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In the last ten years they built a ton of apartments In white plains and it's still expensive as hell to live there. If people think they are going to build low income housing in a village with a household median income of 150k good luck with that. Not even the democrats in Scarsdale want this let alone the republicans


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not to mention scarsdale isn't built for this kind of infrastructure. the traffic on post road or palmer avenue is bad enough as it is. Some sections only have one side of a sidewalk (guess where the snow plows put the snow?) Then you have white plains which is more urban so you're going to have this high density urban area surrounded by suburbs with roads that can't handle the increased traffic of personal vehicles which would be needed to go to nearby stores and it's just a recipe for a disaster. Scarsdale is rich town with a village aesthetic. just dropping an apartment tower in the middle of it isn't going to work.


Especially when All Westchester seems to focus on is high rise luxury condos. Look what they did to the south broadway area in Yonkers. They pushed out all the lower income people near the metro north station and put up ridiculously priced condos to attract the 'my daddy owns a dealership' Brooklynites because it's one train ride away from the city.


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"Benson said the items — including KN95 masks, isolation gowns, aprons and face shields — are all considered “non-medical” and were purchased at the start of the pandemic when medical supplies and safety equipment were difficult to obtain.

Now that higher-grade supplies are available, Benson stated, city health officials said they don’t need the non-medical items anymore."

Uh we still use all of these in care facilities feel free to donate them.


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Can confirm, I had one blow just 50 or so feet from me. Blew out my damn ear drums I couldn't hear for a few minutes. Felt terrible for my dog too, fucker was so scared. We watched the whole thing just go ablaze. I called 911 and I couldn't hear their responses I just kept repeating what happened for about 2 mins and my location and eventually the fire department came followed by con Edison