The_Razielim t1_jcw1lmi wrote

I accidentally did something similar to my wife one time.

I was making gyoza filling and I like them with a bit of heat so I used a microplane to grate down a chili into the mix. My wife comes into the kitchen and immediately started coughing because apparently I aerosolized a serrano pepper and I didn't notice lol


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Funny thing is I just saw a post yesterday about a bird (I think some species of crane or egret?) that also takes advantage of that sheltering behavior of fish. It will wade out into the water and encircle its wings and tuck its head under, creating a shadowed area that fish will swim to because it's "sheltered", then just snap them up lol


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>A lot of men who go into police, security guard/bouncer, correction officer, etc work are men with anger issues, who used to be bullied when young

In my experience, it's been the ones who were the bullies who ended up becoming cops/etc as adults. The perpetual D-student meatheads who just loved shoving people around when they were kids/teens who grow up and want to be able to punch down legally.

But I'm sure examples could be found in either direction.


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Yep, there's locations that have been closed since before I moved into my current neighborhood (nearing 6 years now), and have just been vacant storefronts the entire time.

There's what used to be a small Italian(?) spot that closed maybe 1-2 weeks after I moved into this neighborhood that has just been shuttered for the last 5.5 years.

It's absolutely ridiculous how many things are allowed to just sit empty, doing nothing.