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This flip flopping temperatures is a pain in the ass.

The warm days in the middle of winter only make the cold days worse. It doesn't need to be like it was this past weekend, but at least let us adjust to the cold.

And I despise this mud we get with the warm temperatures. I can accept mud in April when I know spring is right around the corner, but I don't want to be dealing with it in the beginning of February with two more months of snow removal hanging over my head.


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  1. Pay scales for Firefighters generally run from ~$18 on the low side of bottom step to ~$30 on the high end of top step depending on departments. Some places give stipend pay for certain certifications as well. You can use this link to compare union contracts in different municipalities. Generally the further south and east you go, the more competitive the pay.

  2. Every sizable department runs 4 shifts in either 1 on/2 off/1 on/4 off, 1 on/1 off/1 on/5 off or 1 on/3 off schedules. There might be one or two left still on day/night shifts. Some small departments run 3 shifts with a 1 on/2 off schedule with Kelly days. The smallest full time departments are daytime only and their schedules can be fixed or rotating.

  3. Everywhere is going to provide health, dental and vision insurance, just depends on how much you end up paying. Municipalities will usually cover 75% to 90% depending on the town.

  4. Job security is very high. Layoffs are rare and when they happen everybody knows about it. I think the last place to lay guys off was Manchester about 12 years ago and they got hired back fairly quickly from what I remember. There has also been a sharp decrease in the number of applicants applying for positions over the last few years. Competition is starting to get getting fierce, if you are a qualified candidate with experience you can pretty much get hired anywhere in the state right now.

  5. Look through the union contracts I posted and check out vacation and sick time accrual and usage. It can vary from place to place.

  6. One big thing you left out is EMS. With the exception of Manchester, Nashua and Rochester most decent sized departments operate transporting ambulances. If that is one of the less appealing aspects of the job you should look in one of those places. For places that do run ambulances, AEMT is more or less a requirement (especially among smaller departments) and as always, paramedics are preferred.

I realize that I didn't steer you toward "the best New Hampshire fire department" but everything is subjective and depends on what kind of vibes you want.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.


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Do not make Mt. Washington your first winter hike. A snapshot of the weather condition that are common this time of year:

Summit Forecast for daytime Tuesday, November 8th 2022:

Precipitation: chance of snow showers early, accumulation of a trace to 1 inch.

High: Upper teens

Wind Chill: Rising to 5-10° below zero

Winds: NW at 60-70 MPH with gusts up to 100 MPH early, decreasing to 50-69 MPH with gusts up to 75 MPH.