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I was one of those workers who had to use the service elevator. This was also a building with a full-time elevator operator. So the service elevator only worked during certain hours. One day I was leaving this particular building to go to another jobsite and I found out that the elevator operator was out to lunch or something. I couldn't wait 30 minutes for him to return so i took the normal elevator. The doorman started to YELL at me to get out of hte lobby and go back inside to use the service elevator to leave hte building. I tried to explain that the operator was not there and he very angrily told me that "workers are absolutely NOT TO USE the resident elevators."

He also informed me that he was banning me from the premises because I asked him "so you expect me to be late to my next job because your boy is out to lunch?"

I'm sure he can't afford to live in that building but he was sure defending the dignity of the residents like it was his own. Imagine the horror of seeing a lowly cleaner with a toolbox in hte elevator... the horror.


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As someone who is allergic to them, i'm so glad that they are discouraged from being on a packed train with me. If i get dog dander on any of my clothes they need to be washed with hot water immediately or everything else will be contaminated.

Being stuck in a small space with a dog (lots of hair and dander in the air) causes my eyes to turn red, welts to form on my skin, and have trouble breathing. Even if I never touch the dog, we're using the same space.

Also I know multiple neighbors on my block who refuse to pick up after their dogs. They still let their animals go to the bathroom wherever they want but at least they steer clear of my treepit after I confronted them and told them I was going to follow them home and load their mailbox with their own dog's shit from my treepit. It's really a shame that it had to go that far....


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>If they were run properly, you wouldn’t even be able to wrap your head around the levels of efficiency and safety available for mass transit.

This is how i felt coming back from Korea. Cheaper system that is cleaner and works better.... if they could figure out how to keep it running 24/7 they'd be the greatest in my mind.


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Nope, lots of seats. Someone asked her why she wasn't letting people on and she barked at them to not talk to her while she was driving. I've also seen bus drivers decide "no more" randomly and close the door on people and just pull away when there was still a line. Most drivers are fairly chill but you definitely see head-cases from time to time who really shouldn't be operating a vehicle that large.


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Unfortunately this doesn't surprise me. I've seen so many disgruntled drivers who seem to be looking to take it out on a random passenger (the only people they have any power over). Last week I was on a bus on myrtle where the driver wouldn't let anyone on, only off. So she'd refuse to open the front door and only let people off and then would just say "NEXT BUS" and drive to the next stop.