The_UnknownTA t1_ja7s5ol wrote

My greatest was finally beating the original Red and Blue mystery dungeon on Gameboy. I actually took some time off because it got so hard but I finally done it all with Salamence. Now I own the Blue and Red mystery dungeon DX and that game is much easier. Miss thr challenge.


The_UnknownTA OP t1_ja35i94 wrote

I was hesitant to post this but I couldn't find the daily so.... Spent the entire day yesterday sleeping, so I have no choice but to make the most of today.


The_UnknownTA t1_j9t7jop wrote

By sleeping in till noon tomorrow, making ostrich chop suey, and nearly finishing off paying my credit card debit. Next is student loans <shudders>


The_UnknownTA t1_j23s11s wrote

Home. I binge watched a bunch of crime videos. I've had a hard time sleeping. I'm extra paranoid, and I'm not about to add any fuel to the fire. No, I'll be a little hermit this week. Plus, I'm broke.


The_UnknownTA t1_j1yxykr wrote

It was a drink for me. I absolutely love Chai Latte, so I've traveled to different cafes around here looking for a good one. I went to a local, tiny shop on W Broad, and it was the worst Chai Latte I ever had. So milked down, just waaaay too much milk it was white.


The_UnknownTA t1_j1q2guy wrote

I'm getting a head start on my mom's birthday (2nd to last week of Jan). I wanted her to send the night at the Jefferson lol (I'm a a dreamer) but I think I'll surprise her with a redo of the patio for her gardening needs.