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How do you quantify success with this group?

The idea seems nice in conception. But seems like there are a decent number of paid volunteers who are playing both sides against the middle. It eludes me, but isn't there even a term they have for this phenomenon and Safe Streets?

Anyhow, I'm curious what metrics are you using when you say they are the most successful non-profit?


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Pretty sure this is the same crew who shat the bed under the BMore_Healthy moniker.

The question is why post this? Why go to the trouble of posting an image they know is misleading, and crafting the post to draw attention to it? They had a decent story to tell... and yet they chose to undermine their credibility with a pointless lie.

It's a little thing and largely inconsequential. But most big things are made of lots of little things. And on social media, credibility is currency.


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> so rehoming the homeless with federal support isn't super difficult if there's just a little will to do so

Going to offer a hard disagree with pretty much all of this statement. Homelessness has so many causes and one size fits many solutions are almost always impossible to conceive and implement.

Compound that with the labyrinthian nature of securing federal funds and, well, I'd say "super difficult" is a good way to describe it.


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Don't get too offended. If you ever go to a city council meeting, you'll quickly discover that speed bump requests are the reason about 25% of the people are there.

I can only imagine it's gotten more pronounced since city police have taken traffic stops out of the equation.


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Do you think she/they deserve any punishment if they're found guilty of what they're charged with?

Do you think someone in her position should be held to a higher standard given that her professional credibility is predicated on legal competence?

Do you think our elected officials, who make the laws, have a moral obligation to understand and obey the laws they make?


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I hear you and appreciate the reply. At the same time, purchasing vacation real estate as an investment property seems like someone who isnt totally clueless.

Also, that's 4X what our household brought in last year. We have a kid, we have middle age health problems, we have aging parents that eat up resources... so my sympathy / empathy only goes so far.