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Not like this- nor to the point of constantly being unable to function because you're body is so stressed from constant fight or flight. It literally feels like constantly fearing for your life, but the kicker is there is no logical or physical stressor anywhere. I personally have insomnia- I cannot sleep more than 4-5 hrs most nights without sleep meds, and even then they sometimes still do not work. This is prescription sleep medication, not just Melatonin lol. It's directly caused by my anxiety disorder, and a bit by my ADHD further Ampang the anxious intrusive thoughts. You literally do not have the means to calm it, sometimes even with therapy and medication. I almost committed suicide because I couldn't handle feeling that horror movie killer breathing down my neck feeling 24/7. My baseline anxiety was so high, I was always almost a 10 on the anxiety scales at therapy. It made me unable to function and often made me have to stay home from school because I couldn't focus on the school work when my body was screaming something bad is gonna happen.

Anxiety everyone has. A disorder is marked by not being able chemically to control it to the point that it detracts from your life abilities.


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Even then, I'm a kid who had severe sleeping issues after a horror movie too young. For years. I have an anxiety disorder since pretty much birth, so for kids like me, even something most see as harmless is definitely not :/ This just isn't cool all around, especially in daycare.