The_water_eater t1_j58npoc wrote

the thesis of creation

after all that I built a they came the four one of them was Amanda or "marlin "who was was in a robe of sliver that can withstand and absorb the magic of a hundred mages and she has a more than average magical ability could make a explosion the size of a mountain and Burkly or "Logan" who was a knight who could maybe make a cut on me with that sword and now here is my shadow who is named "sly" who was very lanky and quick and he had eyes of a demon and had a foresight like ability and the leader or "Melfin " who had a giant sword even I dont understand how he is able to hold and they all had colored hair and these are the best that have come here so far.

I snap and I do the whole song and dance "so you are finally here what makes you think that out of all the others YOU will be able to beat a GOD" then the leader melfin said "Wh- whait OTHERS!?" then I snapped and showed a representation of the world before "you think you are the only ones I made " and I saw them getting more afraid as reality set in "I used to be like you but let me guess you are going to fight me so you can get my power so you can "save mankind" so so naïve I used to think that but as I put into godlihood but as I tried and tried and nope I soon learned that evil is just a part of humanity its hard coded in there genes so I erased it so I could "start over" but as that happened I saw thousands if not millions other universes and I tried to "fix" them to but then the original universes humans would end up the same not even their fault It is a matter of survival that just "gets out of control" then marlin yells "So what are just supposed to lay down and cry to ourselves and even if that is true what the hell does that have to do with us " then after that I changed the setting to the battle field that led me to godlihood "I was with a band of people who wanted to take the power of god too and when the going was getting tough the god we where fighting told me that all I had to do was accept and I would become a god but all by myself so I refused the first time them and he would give me his power and then he would just killing us and rewinding time to kill us some more and after that and he would still pester me and after a day of the same thing I folded and after that I felt like I betrayed them they even cursed me as their last words so I made you the ones that had at least the same spirit to try to kill me " and after that he stand up and (INSERT SHONEN FIGHT HERE I AM TOO LAZY TO DO IT MYSELF) and after the battle they where tired and they almost destroyed my "weak spot" that was on my forehead and I yelled "SO WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ARE YOU GONNA MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID HUH WHAT ARE GONNA DO THE BEST CHANCE YOU HAVE IS TO DESTROY HUNANITY " then Sly jumped up dodging my beams and stabs my "weak spot" Then he says " We will destroy you and make sure that humanity will change! " so foolish and after that I "die" and after I callaps the room we where in I closed that world off from me so at least they had the allusion that there where no more gods so now to thousand more hero's

hope you enjoy

this may be bad and you can definitely see where I copied xenoblade chronicles 2 and please tell me what I messed up.