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Yeah, you don't really make money from any kind of gambling by playing the odds/maths alone but by playing the people or having more information than others.. My brother used to make money from online poker, but he was a very average poker player. His entire strategy was based on profiling other players to rate them as good or bad and then joining games that have a large number of bad players... My point being many people DO play in a simplistic way, if there are enough naive players you can take relatively more of their money.


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I find it interesting that such a big deal was (rightly) made about plastic straws, but no one is talking about stopping driving or stopping artificial fibres. Tires and microfibre are the largest sources of micro plastic pollution. A cynic would think people find it easier to do something that doesn't really affect them and is visible virtue signalling...


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Yes, excellent museum. I found the most fascinating thing about the ships was they are constructed in the opposite way to almost any later ship. Instead of a solid frame with a hull fitted to the outside, they are a very strong but flexible hull, with the frame structure loosely hung inside on ropes.


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It makes total sense from a development point of view.

For example my dogs have excellent memory of objects, people, places and where to find things, because they need it. I wouldn't say they do much abstract thinking or self reflection... The need to evolve memory comes before problem solving.

On the other hand, this theory implies every animal that is capable of memory is also conscious. So whether they are self aware or not they experience events as they happen in much the same way that we do.


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I don't know why you have so many downvotes... This is an accurate description of a common domestic relationship for many poor families throughout history.

It even accurately describes part of my childhood in the late 80s, although it was only the two of us kids. Our step-arsehole would get home late with whatever money was left after getting drunk, fall asleep on the carpet and piss himself.