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Yeah, I'm not going to get into that sort of thing with someone who's coming off of a glib twat on reddit.

If you are genuinely curious about the answer to your question, research how much it sucks to be an Indian in the US. Once you've learned about the socioeconomic factors at play, learn about generational trauma.

Bonus points if you can figure out why there are less than 500 speakers of my native tongue left, and when that behavior stopped.

Check out the last 50 years of politics in the US, you tearing down someone else isn't going to cause them to suddenly build you up.

If you want universal healthcare, vote or move to Washington state, or nearly any other country that's "western"


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I'm Tlingit, and I know about it because it directly affects my family.

Specifically them being shitty about the allotments, which is really on brand for US/Indian relations.


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You don't think AN/NI pay taxes?

Also the why of it is because of treaty obligations.

I'm unaware of any tribes who would be opposed to winding things back to the way things were, kindly head back to land you didn't treat for.

The Sioux are going to be super excited to get the Black Hills back.

I'd like the Tongass National Forrest to be back in Tlingit Haida and Tsimshian hands too.