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It’s literally just copying jokes. I vividly remember reading the meerkat joke but with a different animal, then telling it to someone years ago.

Someone else in this thread even asked “tell me a joke why aren’t pelicans invited to play poker” and chatgpt just replies “because they always keep their cards close to their chest”

You can argue it’s what humans do but chatgpt is not thinking up jokes


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This is an extremely cynical way of looking at art. The money laundering happens at the very very top between people in a connected web. The vast majority of art is just random pieces sold for like 100 bucks tops, created by artists trying to get by. It’s used to decorate a location, or to send a message.


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Except the art collector actually has a physical work that has actual value. The only use NFTs have is to clean your dirty money, people legitimately interested in art will usually choose a physical original over a NFT that’s effectively worthless


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For a while it’s going to be better for a lot of people, at first. AI will take a very long time to get to the point where you can tell it to generate like “long haired male elf” and it pulls up a professional and usable elf model. It’ll be helpful for a lot of people so they don’t have to spend 400 hours on crates and can focus on the stuff AI won’t be able to do for a while, which is the stuff most artists like doing the most anyway