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  1. No idea, have to look it up

  2. NEPA definitely northeast, SWPA a combo of Midwest and Appalachia, NWPA a little of all of it, SEPA, Jersey

3)Pittsburgh says Philly is a bunch of Jags, Philly says Pittsburgh is weird because they don’t know Wawa

4)Scranton thinks Lancaster is high class while Lancaster says Scranton is rural America

5)Somerset thinks Erie is the same but no mountains, still cold as hell and snow in the winter, Erie says Somerset is part of the Mupere crowd

6)Can’t say, never been to either

7)Bryan Mawr and West Cheater think they’re one in the same

8)Punxy and Indiana are the same with the exception one has a groundhog that lives at the library

9)Hershey Park forever, Dorney is too close to Philly

  1. Valley Forge made America, Gettysburg saved America

11)Gettysburg museum all the way, more of the story

12)Allegheny and Mon all the way, the rest are too close to the dirty jerse


14)80 always, fuck the high prices of the pike

That about sums it up


Themayorofawesome t1_iy7z41l wrote

Damn dude you’re quite needy, you’re not going to find most of that in the Harrisburg area let alone most of PA. Pittsburgh is nowhere near Morris County my man, so stick with the east.

Quite honestly you’re better off looking at the Hudson Valley of New York, it’s more like NNJ than anything you will find in Central PA.