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Why Free Range Eggs Are Coming Off Supermarket Shelves

> From Monday (March 21), free range eggs will no longer be available in supermarkets. This comes after an outbreak of bird flu, which means that farmers had to move all their chickens indoors.

> The “largest ever outbreak of avian flu” hit the UK this winter, according to government officials, with more than 80 reported outbreaks in England.

> Now, eggs sold in shops will have a sticker or label stating that they are “barn eggs”, which is the name given to eggs produced by hens permanently housed indoors.


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Probably not on a locked down corporate laptop. Plus they often come with corporate software that specially scans for unauthorized software, so it's not worth the risk of trying to bypass.

Lots of people don't seem to realize how locked down and monitored work laptops are, you really don't want to run personal Signal accounts or anything else for that matter on these devices.


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I remember someone posting a while back about sending power to an outbuilding (an office shed?), and he rented a small backhoe to dig the 4' trench in his back yard.

I'm pretty sure the comments ripped his electrical work to shreds, much like posting deck building projects is sure to point out all the code violations and death traps heh. But the point being that it's possible for a DIY'er to get a trench dug that deep with some rental tools.