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Who ever bought credit swishy will be able to become the next Epstein without the underage hookers(well less anyway)

think about the data, the laundering data, political folks now in high positions but were comiting tax fraud 10 years ago. has anyone thought about this in this way. Want to own and control the world? Hereā€™s a book telling you who to blackmail

its an open secret that Swiss banks are used by the exact type we all know and hate (uniparty) so i wonder if we will see 100s of political folks back dow, quit or push through unpopular reforms (wait thats was the past few years never mind šŸ˜‰ )


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When i read their press thing i thought it sounded like something might be up. It went from LET.GO we got the engines to we got lots of and lot more testing to do

BO couldnā€™t send two PERFECT rocket engines? Like you know this is the most important thing as everyone as talked about ULA being beholden to BO. And delays and many other things.

So this is a huge red flag to me. The fact launchs go from 2 this a year a few more in 24 then every two weeks makes me think ULA is seeing that a year or two or more to get things right. Not a good sign

why ULA went with BO has never really made sense can anyone tell me why?