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According to this article that was just released yesterday, the unrestricted model of GPT-4 can produce images.

On page 16, "the model appears to have a genuine ability for visual tasks, rather than just copying code from similar examples in the training data. The evidence below strongly supports this claim, and demonstrates that the model can handle visual concepts, despite its text-only training"

I'm still not sure whether my initial assumption was from information I gleaned somewhere or because I hallucinated it. Regardless, GPT-4 can indeed output images.


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OK. So what makes Bing not appear to actually be conscious?

Now what if you fixed all of those issues? Now what’s preventing it from appearing actually conscious? Nothing? You can’t disprove it’s consciousness?

Well, if it looks like a zebra, eats like a zebra, sounds like a zebra, and acts like a zebra, it might be a zebra.


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Both examples you provided are very clearly not the same as AI or Internet aka transformative technologies.

You literally can’t limit “post-singularity” benefits to one thing. that’s like saying “cure to cancer”. sure, there may at one point be a singular cure to the thousands of diseases called “cancer”, but there’s still going to be individual cures that are immensely helpful. open source stable diffusion vs openAI Dall-E is a great current example of why you can’t possibly expect this technology to be limited somehow.


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OP provided an example of why things are “changing too fast for us to keep up.”

You guys are literally saying the exact same thing. You just provided another example that goes along with his original point lol.

Regardless I agree with both of you, although it’s more of an objective fact than opinion.