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So why are y’all still burying the crime thread results? Is it because the top mod doesn’t personally like the results of the vote, or want to admit they messed up running the vote? We were told 3+ months ago results would be released and acted on and you’re yet to publicly even admit (oh right you responded to one comment and got chewed out for misrepresenting the truth in it) that you need to redo the vote….. who cares about the actual thread at this point but leaderships inability to actually follow up with anything they claim they’ll do is embarrassing. That and the utter lack of accountability.


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> Crime is not strongly related to poverty. Rich people commit crime too.

I mean, crime is incredibly related to poverty. Sure things like access to quality education or stable housing also help, but to say there isn't a strong relationship is ignoring a lot of studies and data on the subject.


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Propaganda? What the duck are you talking about?? I don’t know if the attacker is black, I just know racist slurs were used. That usually signifies a hate crime.

Why are you so hell bent on making this anything but about about a story where a young black boy was bullied and beat up? Are you so averse to recognizing that black people can be victims of crimes that you have this weird visceral and racist reaction to this story? Says a shit ton about you.


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I mean you’re right I could have worded the last line better, but can you forgive me for being peeved that you’d put words in my mouth that we’re way out of left field and mischaracterizing of anything I was saying? Especially considering my point boils down to we should treat tbi seriously.


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I’m sorry that happened to you. Nowhere did I say the criminal justice system is fair, you’re one of many people who doesn’t get justice or accountability in it.

That doesn’t change the fact that slamming someone’s head against the concrete to the point of knocking them out is a serious potential injury. It’s wrong when a private citizen or a cop does it and there should be repercussions for either if done with malice.

I think in using terms like “Angel police officers” you’re speaking to a strawman and not me anymore.


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I think it’s more so just the way the internet works. It frequently uses anger or outrage as a driver so it brings together the most toxic and inauthentic parts of people and their opinions. I know I likely bring shitty parts of myself into discussions sometimes as well. People in the real world tend to be a lot more wide ranging and interesting than the way we all present online. And terminally online or relatively immature people tend to be so divorced from actual reality that you need to get in arguments that slamming the back of your head on concrete could result in a potentially life changing injury.


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Like it or not people get hurt when their skull hits pavement. If you’re going to tussle on the street, know it means there’s possible massive repercussions to your actions.

I played rugby for four years with pretty reckless abandon to my body, even at my dumbest I never would have played on concrete.