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Absolutely appeal that ticket. It'll cost you $25 extortion fee to appeal it. The first time you go to the court you will not be meeting with a judge, you will be meeting with a clerk. The police officers do not show up at this stage. There is a representative of the police department there who reads into the record the police officers version of events.


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Polar park is NOT neighborhood friendly - people aren't using the neighborhood to go to dinner or grab a drink- and for the city to assume that people would was short-sighted and ridiculous.

People go to the game, buy overpriced food and drinks and then they LEAVE. The entire area went through gentrification, landlords got greedy and upped the rent causing businesses to leave.

The city easily swayed to buy a bag of shit because they wanted a stadium so badly that they didn't do their due diligence, and now the people, once again, pay for that, quite literally.