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Macaroni was from the rich dudes going to Italy and being super impressed by everything, especially pasta and MACARONI, wanting to be cool the wealthy from England appropriated the word as they do, and then used their silly word to make a silly song about the colonialist, who loved the song and made it their fuckin anthem. Full circle appropriation.


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I don't think we even have figured out all the different cannabinoids yet so don't bet on that just yet. We also are only now just starting to understand study the endocannabinoid systems in humans.


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If the EU and NATO are worth their salt, the rebuilding of Ukraine needs to be incredible. They need to show the value in being an ally if they want to keep their members and alliances strong. It one thing to sanction and condemn Russia, providing weapons is great, but if ultimately Ukraine comes out of this worse, then what good do those alliances truly offer?