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I rarely drink and when I do, I share a bottle purchased in the grocery store with friends. I’ve been invited to 2 academic events last year serving free alcohol to those over 21

Not interested in karaoke or clubs

Honestly I don’t have a lot of friends (and some of them have moved out of NYC) but I do buy them small birthday gifts.


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I pay for most things via credit card, review the bill at the end of each month, and put expenses in a spreadsheet. I also include cash withdrawn. Btw, I pay my credit cards in full every month. One of them gives 1.5% flat cash back, the other gives 3% cash back on gas/transit and restaurants.

Amazon prime comes with multiple things, including video and music. But I don’t use it much tbh.

Honestly, buying from Amazon is a turn off knowing how many sellers just drop-ship. I only use it when I need something in a pinch, or when Amazon has a promo. Also, as mentioned in a previous comment, I use Amazon fresh occasionally because honestly their groceries are sometimes (not always) cheaper than local.


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Well, it’s rare these days. I started living there in 09/2021 and my landlord hasn’t increased my rent (he was initially planning to raise it to $650) because we’re on good terms.

Unless you pull some serious connections, it’s simply not gonna happen in desirable neighborhoods like Midtown, LIC, or Williamsburg. You’re gonna have to look up lesser desired areas with longer commute times in Queens, Brooklyn, or The Bronx.

My suggestion is to not use conventional renting websites. The reason being is that you’d normally have to pay realtor fees. Craigslist and Spare Room are the ones I know of.


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Electronic devices: Dell laptop from 2014 and iPhone SE (2016) purchased by my parents. iPad 9th generation purchased by myself.

Clothes: my mom was kind of a shopaholic buying from thrift stores when I was in high school, so I had more clothes than I needed. I took pieces with “classic” styles.

Furniture provided by landlord.

Almost no savings. My undergrad tuition was fully covered by a scholarship. Parents covered living expenses for 3 years of undergrad. I took on my own expenses starting my senior year of undergrad.


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Yes. I save on fast food with McDonalds and Taco Bell mobile apps. They have pretty significant discounts and have good rewards systems. McDonald’s is the only place I’ll get a Diet Coke because they still charge $1 for a large. When I’m in midtown, I get $1 pizza slices. There are also some food carts or cash-only small restaurants with ok-priced menus.