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There's hair and sludge in every dishwasher except brand new ones unless you clean the filter after every load. Do you think that everything you put in your dishwasher is small enough to fit through the filter


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>Yes, I've cleaned out and repaired a dish washer.

Did you pull out the stinky hair ball?

> It is save, sane and it has been done like that for years.

It's senseless. Absolutely no reason to do it. It's just a curiosity.


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That cooking in the dishwasher thing is disgusting. I don't care how tightly you wrap the fish. If you ever saw what was in the bottom of most dishwashesr you would never eat something cooked in it.


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What happened when you attempt to turn the display with those belts? The ability to turn the feature depends on the torque of the motor and the ratio of the pulleys. If your sign is mounted on free turning bearings it should only have to provide enough torque to overcome the inertia of the feature. It should take minimal power to rotate it once it's moving. How much does the feature weigh, what type of bearings is it mounted on, what ratio are your pulleys, how much torque does your motor supply, how many RPMs does the motor turn at and how many RPMs would you like your feature to turn at?


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You can hang 100 lbs off a 2 x 4 stud with a 1/4" x 2" lag bolt but remember that it has to be hung close to the wall. The further from the wall the weight is the more leverage it imparts on the fastener.