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CE is expensive but the quality of their roasts is very high. I’ve always felt like I’m getting my money’s worth.

If you’re looking flavored or latte drinks Mudhouse is fantastic. But if you’re like me and a huge nerd/fan of single origin light roast, CE is by far the best options. And tbh, they’re not as expensive as other third-wave shops in other cities.


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I will say, though, if you don’t care about the privacy concerns and want to try it once, $3.99 to to have all that work done for you and wind up with 50 pictures is a pretty good deal IMO. I happen to have way too many selfies/pictures of myself and the results were absolutely incredible.

I did 50 images of myself and also selected female (I’m a guy), so most of the end results were quite femme. What blew my mind though was that one of the pictures looks identical to my sister (who looks like like me). Super freaky, and yeah, not very private, but like I said I’m pretty lax on that stuff


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I used to work for the conservation department, and unfortunately you don’t really have options. If it were a bird of prey you could take it to the bird sanctuary in St. Louis. I mean, you could take it to a vet, but I’m not sure if they would fix it up and that could be pricey.

The sad thing is this happens all the time in the natural world, we just don’t see it and thus it is sheltered from our value system. If you cant find options, the best thing is to put it down. A painless death is better than what most animals succumb to anyways.