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Supposed to but honestly it seems pretty common not to. I've known several people who moved and never switched over. I had an ex who moved up from DE and never changed her registration, license, whatever. From a paperwork perspective if she got pulled over it looked like she was still living down there and just working here.


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Crime is down and incomes are up compared to 15-20 years ago. Property values are also up, just not as sharply as the rest of the county. It is slowly getting better, but the emphasis is on slowly. It has the bones to be a great community but so far it hasn't happened. I think it's kind of in a weird state where you don't want to completely displace people and wreck the housing market with gentrification, but at the same time I think you kind of do need a wave of people to move from the city or other parts of the county to kind of give it that little push. There's only so much you can do with the situation as-is.


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Generally the periphery parts of Norristown are better. A friend lived in an apartment near the Catholic school just over the line from West Norriton and it was fine. I also know a couple who until recently lived in a place up on the far north side of Powell and as far as I know they never had any issues; definitely nothing major.


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The crime rate in Pottstown is actually worse than Norristown if you look at the data. Violent crime is 1 in 128 vs 1 in 216, property is 1 in 32 vs 1 in 60. Crime has also slowly been trending down in Norristown while still worse than most of the rest of the county.

I have friends in both and the basic vibe I get is that Norristown kind of has a baseline level and then some areas are much worse (especially down around Markley) whereas Pottstown is kind of pockets of good and pockets of complete shit.


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I enjoy a lot of their stuff personally. It's been my favorite streaming service of the last few years. But they definitely don't have a super deep library, even with it being bigger now than when I first signed up, although they do still have things in the pipeline. I think they've maybe got to get better about getting more things out quicker too; not that they need to flood the market Netflix style, but there's definitely gaps between things, whereas other streamers tend to have something coming basically as soon as something else ends to try and justify keeping people signed up. Personally I'm comfortable with continuing to pay monthly for what I get out of it, and especially when it's still cheaper than just about everyone else, but I totally get why some people wouldn't find enough to appeal to them to stick around.


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WB apparently had shitloads of debt before the Discovery merger though and their stock is currently about half of what it was in April shortly after the merger went through. Not saying that they will definitely go in for it, but I could see how maybe it could be a more enticing option now that Zaslav has Batgirl'd away some of the debt and it could probably be scooped up for less than what AT&T wanted.


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That was one of the few things that carried over from Segal's original attempt at a reboot that he was working on with Spielberg's production company of all people. The Doctor and Master were supposed to be half-brothers who shared a Time Lord father but the Doctor had a human mother and the Master was fully Time Lord. I think the fact that they carried it over means he was probably still pushing for that story arc to turn up if the series had been picked up after the TV movie.


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Ultimately as a fan I'm glad we got something that fits better into the overall continuity than some of the initial ideas that were discussed for an American reboot, but ironically those earlier ideas probably would've been a better starting point for onboarding new fans.


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Find your school's ID office and get one made. You might be able to find out if they have digital IDs also. My school stopped issuing physical cards but has a space on the website to submit a picture of yourself and to pull up a digital ID, so you present or scan your phone just like you would a physical card.


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I do think it's kind of weird that they arrested and then released him rather than holding him in the drunk tank.

I had an uncle who got pulled over for DUI back in the late 80s/early 90s, he lied and told the cop his parents' house was like three doors down. So the cop sat and watched while he pulled into the driveway, and then he went and sat in this stranger's back yard for a couple minutes to make it seem like he went in the backdoor, then he got in the car and started driving back home. Same exact cop pulled him over again like a mile down the road. So he got a court date and 30 days in county.

I could totally see something like that happening still today, but if you're at the point where you're already arresting the guy, what's up with letting him go before he sobers up?


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I mean I think that legislators should definitely be paid more than New Hampshire. You should be able to live off the salary or else it's just asking to open the door to even worse corruption. But PA is definitely also overpaid relative to how little they actually do and they love to give themselves a bullshit raise (remember the literally midnight raise when Rendell was gov)


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Officially yes.

The full-time/part-time distinction basically just comes down to how many months out of the year you're in session. New Hampshire only meets in January through May, so is part-time. Utah is at the really extreme end of the part-time scale, with one 45-day session per year. PA has ordinary sessions from January through November so gets to be considered full-time.

Incidentally we also have the third highest legislator salaries after California and New York.