Tiedyeinstein t1_jdnbz2m wrote

That essentially just distorts the signal out of each driver to achieve artificial cross feed.

good in, good out. I've honestly never heard of anyone putting fx on their master signal until joining this group. if the track is mixed and mastered properly and your gear works as it should, it shouldn't need bandaged.

This is also why all of the best music is at least mastered on monitors. Headphones are great, but you will always get better sound from monitors.


Tiedyeinstein t1_jdkdudo wrote

The problem is you don't get any cross feed with headphones, that's why music mixed on headphones can often end up very muddy on a system. The most reliable and translatable sound will come from near-field or mid-field monitors set up properly in a good room.

It's not even monitors that are that much more expensive than good cans, it literally the cost of setting up a proper space to optimize them.