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Can excel but usually don't. Additionally, being extremely poor in one important area can cancel out benefits on other gifted areas.

Then add in the financial means and nurture of the parents. It's an uphill battle.


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I am not a firefighter nor do I have experience in the biz. I just don't see why a firefighter would ever want to walk on a roof in a bad fire. Every room has a window and provides better access to a fire without endangering a firefighters life. The roof is one of the most dangerous places to be in a fire because if the fire has weakend the roof the firefighter could be a step away from falling to their death. It's much safer to hang the ladder over the roof and spray from there.

Anyway, dumb code in my opinion which is why it isn't the norm.


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Insurance companies have a term "acts of god" for unusual weather events in which they don't have to pay out.

Climate change will likely bring more of these. Dams may not be able to relieve enough water in time. Or you can have a Pakistan event. 10x more rain than the historical average over an extended period of time.


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I am not sure age is much of a factor. All that concrete amounts to tons of dirt acting as a wall. I dont think time erodes them much.

These are just my thoughts. Buildings have beems that can weaken and then cause a collapse. All long as all the weight is there the dams should work. Water being too high and flowing over the dam obviously changes things.


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As of January 2022, the most powerful wind turbine that has received customer orders that is at least at the prototype stage is the 14 MW GE Haliade-X.

This thing is an absolute unit! 14 Megawatts from one wind turbine. That's amazing. Natural gas power plants put out about 650 Megawatts on average. 46 of these bad boys to replace a Natural gas plant. Maybe 100 just to be sure and store power for down periods.

Looking forward to going green. Wish we were producing these bad boys quicker. Also need more energy storage solutions.


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Things can always surprise you but it seems like a ridiculous concept. Especially with quickly rising energy prices.

Maybe their roof needs to be replaced and the cost of reinstalling them afterwords isn't worth the cost? They may be older models as well which have lower orginal efficiency and have decayed significantly.


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Ungrowth and go low tech..... essentially regress as a society. More death, less security, more susceptibility to climate change, environmental disasters, and disease. Lower standard of living and lower lifespans. No thank you.

Farming land destroys our planet. Building homes destroys our planet. It's not about destroying that planet. What's the point of having the planet if we don't use it?

What matters is are things sustainable? Are there long term consequences to the environment? Are those consequences worth it?

For mining, it's a no brainer, yes. Tear up large patches of land and extract needed resources. The world has tons of land so we can absolutely sacrifice some to for more valuable resources. There is lots of land which isn't utilized and likely won't be.

Society is moving forward and progressing. I hope that we work to progress in a more environmentally sustainable way. However, utilizing natural resources has been the only way mankind has improved our quality of life for thousands of years.

I will add that advances in energy technology will allow man to recycle more and do things in a more sustainable way. There is a lot to unpack there.


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You don't need battery production to be eco friendly.

That is big oil's propaganda argument. Oil extraction and refining is terrible for the environment on top of the usage of the final product being bad.

Batteries can be recycled and will be due to the high value of their materials. Also, the usage of the energy can be clean unlike Oil. Therefore batteries are the clear environmental winner over time. With batteries most of the environmental friendliness happens during the mining phase. After that it's not too bad for the environment and can benefit society for decades of clean energy.