TightBoysenberry_ t1_j6o1ay9 wrote

Most people are hypocrites. Has nothing to do with what they believe.

Most of the Boston/Camberville people you talk to are all about housing and progressivism and transit and bikes!! Until they put a bike lane or new housing development on their street. Then they are vociferously against it.

Anyone I know in Davis Sq or Union Sq for example, is 100% against the new development there. Because change = bad. They live there, and nobody else should!


TightBoysenberry_ t1_j6nidqx wrote

talk to any progressive in MA about raising their taxes or fees or whatever, and watch them immediately backpedal.

they are for lots of things, but if you suggest they pay more to see those things happen, they are suddenly not for them anymore.

same reason most of them are NIMBY and against housing, in their town or neighborhood. but 100% for it somewhere else.