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We do not need carbs but if you are going to have a healthy diet you will have no other alternative since I do not think popping pills count. But I would love to be proven wrong.

The imporantant point is there should be some room for nuance. When I was young there were litterly no obesy children at my school. Maybe one or two was slightly owerwight in every class. Despite that many ate candies every saturday. Some “free sugar” was not a problem then and does not need to be a problem today.


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"No patients achieved remission without some weight loss"

"It is likely that weight loss by any means can induce remission[of 2 diabetes]. Other studies of remission have used a relatively high carbohydrate, low calorie approach and clinical studies of food-based approaches or bariatric surgery both achieve remission."



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> Those for whom the effects were positive are more likely to volunteer for such a survey than those for whom they were not. They are also more likely to emphasise the positive effects if they have bought into the culture around Ayahuasca.

You seems pretty confident that is the case. Since this is /r/science I am sure you will provide links to prove you point.