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Breathtakingly beautiful.

This is my own personal preference but whenever I see “higher beings” like gods and celestial deities I always liken them to be perfect figures. So things like blemishes, moles, and baby hairs always make me a bit sad considering the former are mutations in the skin (which is a really human characteristic of imperfection). I remember playing Mortal Kombat and the antagonist goddess, Kronica, has freckles. So very strange for me. Battle scars I can understand but freckles is just too “human”.


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Group of housemates leave for a road trip leaving one friend behind because he was caught up with something. A girl, one of the other housemates, just returned home from her own trip and crashed in bed the moment she got out. Unaware of the other guy being at home, she woke up later that night to sounds in the kitchen but was shocked to turn on the lights and find the guy munching on food half naked in his boxer shorts.

Based on a true story. I want to see how close you can get lol


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Reply to 18/12/2022 by Wezzro

Well done. Most people go big but only attain a fraction of the scare vibe. You went for simplicity and it’s awesome.


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The thing about recalling memories and self-reports is that there is high risk of bias.

I see people’s anecdotes where they claim certain childhood events as hyperbole of trauma. There is such a thing as false memories.