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Princeton Antiques Book Shop in Atlantic City isn't huge, but has enough and is a cool store otherwise. (Plus it's right near Tony's Baltimore Grill.)


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I have two main Trader Joe's insulated bags, three other insulated bags (one given as a gift by my kid's orthodontist.) I wish I had switched to them much earlier. I can easily carry everything from the grocery store in in one trip with these.

I have a bunch of random other bags, not insulated and whatnot. They're either stuffed in the insulated bags or sorted in the trunk. They're not as useful.


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This is a great list. I'd add Iris Records in Jersey City, Tunes in Hoboken, Music Connection in Elmwood Park, and EZ 2 Collect in Elmwood Park.

The first two are especially good for newer releases, but still have tons of older stuff. Music Connection has a huge metal selection, but also a pretty good variety of other genres. EZ 2 Collect has everything (EVERYTHING), but their jazz section is stocked.