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I respectfully disagree with one of your points. You say there will be no effect on the Earth's rotation if the magnetic pole shifts. I feel that there is quite a bit of "new magnetic" material on earth that was created during the current pole locations. These magnetic rocks in the crust have a polarity, when the core's magnetic field changes, I feel that the portions of the crust that have magnetic material in them will seek to realign with the NEW N-S orientation causing the earth's crust (or sections) to move.


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I have one of those no trespassing 2A signs on my front fence. Only the cable company debt collectors from previous tenants will venture past it.

They are immediately greeted with. "Ah, I can see because you have a list in front of you, that you can read. So why are you standing in front of my door where there was a no trespassing sign and gate you had to pass." They will then ask if some person is there,.. I will interrupt them mid sentence and ask "Do I need to get violent?" They leave immediately. The important thing is to talk clearly and calmly with no emotion, that is the scariest.