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I made this map just for fun as a thought experiment, and Philly and Pittsburgh wound up on opposite sides since I figured mountain ridges would be a good time zone boundary.

This would be the year round time, Philly would use a continuous eastern daylight time (what we have now), Pittsburgh would keep the eastern standard time (what we had in the winter)


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As a practicing catholic, it’s about reforming from the inside. One tenant of the catholic and orthodox faiths that is important is the historical continuity (known as apostolic succession). The idea of separating the church from the traditions it has inherited (not all traditions mind you, many of the worst started after 1000CE) is considered the equivalent of making a kid an orphan for life just because their parents are abusive.

I’m not saying you have to agree, but the bulk of people affiliated with the church is not it’s leadership, just as the bulk of Americans are not it’s government. Most of us want a church that is nonabusive, fair to all, diverse, etc. euthanizing it will not solve any problems.