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I get where you’re coming from, I’m just surprised that it didn’t get an R by 70’s-80’s standards.

Like The Jerk, MASH, Student Bodies and Halloween all came out in the 70’s/early 80’s. They all got an R and they’re all tamer than Airplane, IMHO. And I’m sure there’s films that got an R in the 70’s/80’s just for brief shots of nudity or someone briefly smoking a joint.


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I remember watching Airplane fairly recently and being surprised that it was a PG film. There’s nudity and drug use in that one.

Compare that with some of the R movies that came out around that time and it’s just like…how did Airplane not get an R when this movie did?


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Good Time is the last true American cult film? Absolutely not.

First off, I wouldn’t call it a cult film. Sure, there’s some people who love it to death, including me, but I’ve never seen a real cult following surrounding it. I don’t think it ever got much attention.

Second, there’s plenty of cult films that have been released since Good Time. Malignant, Terrifier 2, Cats, probably the new Barbie movie, just to name a few.


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You absolutely made a mistake.

When I first watched Apocalypse Now, I watched the Redux. I didn’t really enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I love long, epic movies and I don’t mind long scenes that add little to the story. For instance, I’m someone who honestly loves the wedding segment in The Deer Hunter.

But Apocalypse Now: Redux felt like a slog. The additional scenes fucked up the pacing for sure, as I was getting really into it up until the plantation scene. It was almost like they stopped the flow of the movie to focus on it. I never watched the Final Cut, but I’ve heard it described as “a mix between the theatrical and the Redux” and really, you just don’t need any of the plantation scenes.

I think the original Apocalypse Now is perfect. It’s already a long movie to begin with, there doesn’t need to be anything added. It’s also a truly incredible masterpiece in it’s original form and the pacing is fine as it is. If you watch the OG cut, I honestly believe you’ll develop that train of thought immediately.

Finally, I’ve come around on the Redux. The theatrical helps you appreciate it more. I get it and enjoy it now. That being said, if I watch Apocalypse Now, 9 times out of 10, it’s going to be the original theatrical version.