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I disagree. I think it does the movies a disservice by cleaning up and adding CGI to what was released in 1977. Anyone who's interested in movies has heard of what a technological leap Star Wars was when it released, which is something that just isn't clear anymore. It's not the same movie it was, which is a shame.


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Batteries degrade over time, I'm not really sure what else you expect from your phone.

There are steps you could take to improve the life of your battery, but I don't really understand the difference between the battery life being at 95% at full charge or spending the time of maintaining a charge level between 20% and 80%.

Just use the phone, if it doesn't last the day get an in car charger for it, or charge while you're at work.


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I agree with you. I read both the LOTR books and The Hobbit when I was younger, but I recently reread them both last year and I made a massive mistake in going with the LOTR trilogy first. I found The Hobbit to be so boring and basic in comparison. It made me really wish Tolkien went back and rewrote The Hobbit with the same detail he crafted his later novels with.

Give Lord Of The Rings a chance. It's significantly better than The Hobbit.

I'm comparing them like for like - I don't care that The Hobbit is supposedly meant for children.