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Yes I have, it’s not really evidence so much as an attempt by his defense to poke holes in the evidence against him. Which is fine, that’s their job after all. However nothing they’ve brought up exonerates him. The cell towers place him where the body was dumped when it was dumped. The cell towers are reliable and accurate, this notion that they aren’t has been debunked by experts. No one knows where it came from either since it was just a note written on a fax cover sheet. He had motive, opportunity and still to this day can’t explain where he was. The DNA evidence on her shoes is also meaningless since they were just in the trunk of her car.

He did this and needs to be in prison. Anything less than that is a miscarriage of Justice.


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Maryland was a slave state though and is south of the Mason-Dickson line. Baltimore had a notable riot on Pratt Street between confederate sympathizers and a Union Militia which was aided by the BPD. The sympathizers lost but did a lot of damage and caused some casualties.

There was a lot of tension in Baltimore that lasted far beyond the war. There was also a small percentage of Maryland residents who did go fight for the Confederacy. The statues are echos of all that. Obviously though we don’t need to keep and display them.


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How are they going to get to the dirt bike park? Do all these kids know people with pick up trucks and trailers or are they just going to ride there illegally? They’re off road vehicles, no turn signals or lights, no insurance and no license required to ride. These kids blow stop signs, pop wheelies and tear ass down the streets. We don’t need to pander to them we need to start impounding their shit.


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“Of the 420 dirt bikes police have seized since the launch of the task force, 88 were stolen, said Baltimore Detective David Jones. Many of the stolen bikes have been ripped off from dealerships and private owners in the suburbs around Baltimore County and from as far away as Pennsylvania and Virginia.”

So that’s about 20 percent that were stolen. Link below:



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I live in Brooklyn and commute to Annapolis five days a week. I haven’t been effected by crime in the year and a half I’ve lived here. A lot of it is petty crime, drugs, breaking into cars, we haven’t had any packages stolen but that is a thing.

Brooklyn is considered a “rough” area but in my experience it’s just a working class neighborhood. Locus Point is definitely nicer but pricey. I would look for something that’s near a major highway so you aren’t adding to your commute. For me it’s about 35 minutes to get there and maybe 45 to get home.


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It locks dangerous drug dealers away from the rest of us and gives addicts a chance to get help through the existing drug treatment programs in the city. Why the hell should any of us tolerate criminals? They fuck up the neighborhoods, tank property values and make life harder for normal working families.


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I had a similar situation this year. Our property was way undervalued for years. We bought the house in 2021 and they reevaluated six months later to match the sale price. My problem was there are comparables (otherwise the loan wouldn’t have been approved) and it’s hard to say they overvalued it given that’s what we bought it for. Of course there are also plenty of houses that are undervalued because they haven’t been re-assessed in years. I didn’t have any luck but you really have nothing to lose by trying.


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When you’re looking up neighborhood safety ratings on websites those are largely useless. There is crime in every neighborhood in this city. Drive around the area in the day and after dark to get a feel for it. The BPD crime map can give you some insight too. Some neighborhoods have people breaking into parked cars and porch pirates. Others will have murders and assaults. It can change block to block too.


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Maybe? The problem is that it’s been reported that the guy with the bat had turned and was walking away when the kid shot him. It’s possible that there is evidence which shows something different but if not then it doesn’t qualify as a self defense or stand your ground situation. There was a case in Florida a few years ago where a guy was yelling at a woman for parking in the handicap spot. Her boyfriend came out and immediately shoved him to the ground. The guy responded by shooting and killing him. He claimed stand your ground but was charged with murder and went to prison. Basically he didn’t give her boyfriend enough time to register that he had a gun, which arguably would have been enough to stop most people from continuing to fight.


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It’s not normal to live your life expecting to be carjacked, mugged or assaulted. We have this weird tolerance for criminal behavior in this city and it needs to stop. If you are out there intending to do someone harm you should expect to be arrested and punished.

That said could newcomers be given a warning and some advice? Sure, but that doesn’t make the area safer nor is it reasonable to just expect people to put up with criminals.


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You are dead on about the controversy. His wife sucked at her job for years and managed to get re-elected. If it wasn’t for her fraud charges I’m fairly confident she would still have the job. The voters in this country are low information/high salient. They only pay attention to big events where someone fucks up and then they’ll vote that person out. It’s sad but that’s the world we live in.


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The museum they have at Dulles is amazing though. The space in DC just wasn’t there. I saw a display they did there of The Enola Gay in the 90s. It was only part of the fuselage and some bits of the plane. It had been stored in pieces for decades. It’s nice to go there and see the whole thing in all of its glory. Plus they have an SR-71 and a space shuttle.


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NOLA actually has a bigger crime problem right now. They defunded the police department and as a consequence are short on cops. Response times are over an hour and that’s if they don’t downgrade your call and show up the next day to take a report. Baltimore has its own issues with the police but at least they’re funded. Hopefully with the new states attorney we can get crime rates down again. It sucks for both cities because there’s a lot to love and I do think the leadership means we’ll. Unfortunately a lot of bad policy gets passed and the people bear the brunt of it.


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You demand that change from city leadership and vote in people who are serious about weeding out corruption. The problem with Baltimore is we vote in people like the Mosbys because they talk a big game. When they don’t deliver or worse, are unmasked as corrupt themselves that’s when they should be booted out at the next election. Instead we keep voting and re-electing the same people.