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The DEA may not care about a single store in Massachusetts breaking federal law. They will sure as hell care about an entire state ignoring the law. The revenue generated by a state monopoly would be astronomical, and too hard for them to ignore. The liquor commission did $786 Million in revenue in 2021. You can't ignore their track record of not enforcing laws in legal states, but I truly believe it is different when you're talking state monopolies.

I can't say I disagree with waiting until federal legalization. When it is, add a weed section to the liquor stores! The state profits heavily on the sale of marijuana while keeping costs low for citizens and stealing revenue from neighboring states. Same as we have with liquor. Currently, possession of marijuana is decriminalized. The smell of marijuana is not probable cause to search your vehicle/property. At most you're slapped with a fine, and that is if a police officer is having a bad day. NH residents could theoretically visit any other state in new england to purchase weed until then*

*this is not legal advice. Crossing state lines with a federally controlled substance is no bueno. That being said, the feds are not posted up along the border of MA/NH to make traffic stops, and I seriously doubt they ever will be.


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Report it stolen. It will be blacklisted, and the phone cannot be activated (making it worthless) in many countries including the US. If Activation Lock (google or icloud) is enabled, the phone will be pretty much useless aside from spare parts for thieves.