Tisorok t1_j63zc3i wrote

The deck can play games natively, but if you watch the performance of when it’s streaming vs natively you will see the stress difference on the deck. Your deck is only obsolete graphics wise if you don’t have a gaming rig that can take the heavy lifting out of the graphics in the game your playing, otherwise your looking at playing aaa titles while the cpu is maxed plugged in or something differently to combat throttles in the settings menu. Where as if you streamed it you could probably keep it up without having to sit next to a wall outlet for a good 4 hours.

I have no idea what android or windows has too do with the deck being meant for native gameplay, what ever point you were trying to make either didnt articulate well, or there is a typo in there. Afaik the deck can’t run windows games, or at least games with anti cheat software like destiny 2, require windows. Same with I think the blizzard games? I actually have to check if there’s a Linux launcher for Blizz now….