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Again, the Stockholm syndrome New Yorkers have that think murders and robberies in the subway is “utopia”.

Let me tell you, a single murder or robbery happening in SG, SK, JP, TW, HK, subway would be an avenger level event where the news will cover it nonstop and politicians will be forced to apologize. In NY, it’s Tuesday.


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Not sure what your first sentence has to do with anything I said. I didn’t say it didn’t have any of those things.

My point is they should have gone with one full floor and a duplex, thus lowering the price point so they’ll be easier to sell, people willing to drop 100m for an apartment is already slim pickings and 250m is even smaller even for NY.

What could happen is these two are on the market, and if someone actually does want a triplex, they buy both and combine them. Doing a triplex makes their options much more limited.

Also, in terms of them splitting, it’s certainly a possibility. However, they built themselves into a corner as they’re not designed to be two apartments. The first floor doesn’t have a BR worthy of being a primary. Second floor doesn’t have a kitchen nor living room. This will require significant work to convert not to mention moving of plumbing.


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Redditors literally want high rises to be built in prime village lol.

First of all, even if a huge development is in the village, like Greenwich Lane, it will not be affordable and do anything to solve housing problem. Secondly, there are already developments in the village, they’re on far west village and there are many huge developments including Superior Ink.


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It’s not gonna be good as a condo. The weird shape of the building significantly limits the shape of the building. Not to mention it’s landmarked. It’s also iconic, meaning there’ll be people taking pictures outside constantly. Lastly, it’s on 23rd, and not exactly luxury real estate.

The actual luxury buildings in the area sit on 22nd and are nice and quiet while still having park view.