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That's not what happened, you're giving him far too much credit. He became a weed spokesperson. He's a fucking hypocrite. He was "vehemently opposed to Marijuana legalization" during his time in the house, got paid $20m, dropped out of congress, and became a lobbyist for a cannabis investment group. He's a fucking twat.


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Advising, dictating, what's the difference right? I love how conservatives demand that the free hand of the market decide everything, then when it VEHEMENTLY goes against them, they complain about that too.

They love to project with the "go woke go broke" nonsense, with no concrete examples of what that means, meanwhile every conservative leaning company turns out to either bankrupt itself or turns into an enormous grift with some cult of personality.

The reason this happens, by the way, is because "conservative republicans" only make up like 25% of the population, but have tricked themselves into thinking they're in the majority because they are the loudest and disproportionately over represented in government for a variety of reasons. In the real world, away from the echo chambers, you're a broke fringe minority who predominantly polls well in trailer parks and cornfields.

Karen manifest. "I spend a lot of money here!" LOL, no you don't.


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>Hundreds of thousands is like prime location Hanoi levels

Our apartment in Saigon is a 2 bed 2 bath, and it cost $240k. Our apartment is tiny. Maybe 650 square feet.

We were looking at some land in Ba Ria, and it was 300k for a corner lot in a suburb without a house. The lot would need for 4 trees to be removed and the land leveled before we could even hope to start building.

Land in Saigon is millions. Apartments are affordable. Land in the suburbs is still obscenely expensive.

Its less expensive than the US relative to its equivelent location, but it's ridiculously expensive for Vietnamese. It's still also expensive for an average westerner.

You're not gonna come here on a 40k salary and snap up a bunch of land, I mean.


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I'm all for fuck Russia and whatever, but just to clarify, using US prices against other country salaries doesn't really work. The rest of the world has wildly cheaper prices. For example, I am an American but I live in Vietnam. The average college educated white collar salary is $300/mo.

That amount of money affords you an apartment in the city, food, gas, spending money, etc. Enough to squirrel some money away for big purchases. People here still buy iPhone and gaming computers and Legos, play expensive hobbies like Warhammer and whatever.

While the per month, and per year salary on paper look quite bad, the cost of living, and small quality of life adjustments, is proportionally lower, so it sort of all balances out.

We have to pay shitty CEO salaries and whatever all along the chain, from shipping and logistics, trucking companies, gas companies, internet and whatever, Walmart. That drives up the regional cost quite high in the US, and as a result, 40k is near poverty levels in much of the US where, if you had that amount in Russia or Vietnam, you're basically a millionaire.

There are still people who drive Ferraris and real estate is still in the hundreds of thousands for a small sliver of land here, so there are expensive items even by western standards.

That said, despite them making 24k, you can still extract value selling black market goods and have a very healthy margin. Once that money leaves though, you've extracted some value from the economy, which overall, isn't great for Russia.