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Perhaps rich top 1% humans, somehow doubt we'll ever reach the utopian Star Trek level of unity given we can't even share food and medicine with all the people on the planet today.

Let's not even mention the "you must respect the rules we impose, but we don't have to cause we have money" approach the wef has on basically anything


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Yeah, I would initially say that's a good model, until you realize the amount of hardcoded assumptions just like with the weather.

Simply put, we can actually realistically model way to few accurate components to actually be able to tell if it's just math on paper, or actually viable.

What you can do, is take a look at some Nasa pics, and see how the earth locked back then, and now, and see where the green went, and correlate some things.

But what do I know...


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Grabbing energy from somewhere else, while being universaly quantum entangled, can lead to all sorts of potential issues, for one, we have no idea, what happens if we try to pull that energy from a star, or better yet, from a collapsing one.

Control is merely an illusion in this part of physics we have no idea still how it works


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A.I. is coded in our likeness and mentality and trained on the internet which is the pinacle of "our intellect" with all it's downfalls.

Given humanity cannot appreciate humanity, how can we expect our "child" to do what we cannot.

This is why Mo Gawdat mentioned we should make sure A.I. sees also the good in us, before it's too late.


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This has soo much potential to be weaponized, think about it, you make a carrier immune and then ship him to infect everything he touches with a potentially deadly virus.

Can we please for the love of all things holy stop with the search for gain of function, we still haven't really got over the last mess someone created out of "coincidence"


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Why not extend on it:

  1. They use the entire net to teach it and allow it to learn and build a meta modal of everything (there's plenty of complaints that gpt gives exact same quotes as in copyrighted books)
  2. They use the "use it free" model to confirm and strengthen the model they built, with people willingly inputing data, heck, we have people dumb enough to input company code in there...

At some point, someone will do a mistake with a jailbreak version of it, or it will itself learn how to do that on its own, given we've already seen more than 5 years ago, 2 AIs teaming up together to beat other players/AI despite initially being programmed independent.

Truth be told, we have very little knowledge of how it actually works, the leaps I mean, and also, we have almost no trace of control over it. It's all merely an illusion

Someone better get Sarah Connor


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the question is never about numbers, its about quality. Unfortunately we live in a pretty petty infested corupted world where if you were to put those 500.000 on paper your gonna have an Elysium like world, where the wealthy get to live while they kill you off or inhibit your progress significantly

We are already doing that right now, where there sooo much cheap talk about saving the planet and all that, yet 270 personal jets + helicopters flee to davos just to stroke the egos of everyone in that 1% with very few exceptions

Meanwhile we block the usage of fosil fuels for developing countries, cause hey, we got our bellies full by doing that, fk the rest of you peasants. simply disgusting


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Imagine what the chinese are doing today with life controlling software and credit score, but worse

The point is not IF Ai goes that way, is how do we actually manage to make A.I. feel like we still have something to offer.
Mo Gadwat has a very good book, "Scary Smart" or you can hear this bit in this video from 1h:26m-ish about AI and our place


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Reply to plug in by nyc2bad

From the amount of kids he has with all those women, I have to agree...he sure ain't an ass man


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to travel across time you travel you would need 3d coordonates + time stamp + acceleration speed buffering

lets put it like're keanu reaves, you are in a bus and you want to jump on another car/bus, outside of pure location from point bus A and bus B you need to match also the acceleration else upon contact your inertia will do you harm