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Maybe this is evidence as to why Rhode Island drivers are so terrible lol. (And generally drivers all over the place are selfish and not forward-thinking like the dude in the video)

I would have noticed there was no way forward immediately when I pulled into the street and pulled over in the big gap at 2-5s. Not drive the whole way up to stare down the bus driver just doing his job lol.

Claiming the bus "made him back up 200ft" is pretty insane because he is the one that slowly inched up to the bus knowing very well that someone was gonna have to back up...

Then even after this entitled car driver backs up he doesn't get the whole fuckin way over & sits there half in the center of the god damn street hahaha


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The bus didn't fuck up lol. It's blocking an intersection and trying to get out of the way.

The car in the video explicitly fucked up. They had a place to pull over out of traffic in the first 6-8 seconds of the video. They instead drove the whole way up the street to the bus who was trying to get out of the intersection lol.

This is so incredibly simple. Only in Rhode Island would this ever be contested I swear lmao


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The bus should have right of way regardless of the number of passengers. The car in the OP video is the one that drives the entire street length knowing there is no way forward lol.

You can see starting at like 6s into the video we might after the car turns that the bus is through the intersection.


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The bus was navigating around another car in the middle of the intersection when the OP enters the road lol. It's pretty obvious staring at like 5s into the video that the car in the OP is in the wrong for driving the entire length of the road knowing there is no way forward.

Wild you think the bus should be the one backing up?


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>But the ones who know, know. And that includes a ton of food writers, celebrity chefs, and critics.

I mean I'm asking who actually says this and all you respond with is "it just is and people do." I've never seen anyone say the Providence food scene is on par with the Boston food scene except on this subreddit lol.


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>Unbiased foodies would say Providence gives Boston a run for its money.

No, they won't lol.

These types of claims are ridiculous to me. Where do you come up with this? Who says this besides people on this subreddit? I've lived here almost 3 years and barely hear Providence natives make these claims.


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I mean more about post-white flight and the conversion to car culture. Cities became something you drive into and not something that is livable and workable.

The area by the pedestrian bridge is already revitalized and has been built up a lot since even the pandemic! You have to make the city exciting and livable to attract people to live and work here!

The current design of the city chops half of it off creating a physical segregation boundary between different neighborhoods. The amount of parking lots downtown creates expensive living conditions and fewer green spaces. The lack of city pressure on greedy real estate companies drives up COL and creates an obvious economic barrier for people to move here. Not to mention the ugly and untenable nature of the areas surrounding 95!

None of these things individually make a city boom, but all of them are especially attractive to young adults and new businesses. All of which aid in revitalizing and making a walkable (and more importantly LIVABLE) city atmosphere.