ToberOct OP t1_j1og1lh wrote

I didn't say you were talking to me. I already said I understood you meant you in general, which is why I did not respond saying yes I do. Instead I responded about redditors in general. Why on earth are you so hostile? I can't fathom why you are acting like this. Calm down.

I agreed with you that her fairy tales might not be well known to redditors, and I gave a thought as to why.


ToberOct OP t1_j1odt3z wrote

I'm an American who is familiar with her fairy tales. There must have been some misunderstanding if you thought I was the one who said her fairy tales are unknown to Americans. You were the one who said that.

I've been polite to you, listening to what you have to say, and supporting you, but you've been nothing but nasty. Instead of just responding "Uhh yes she did," when you said, "She didn’t write anything you’re familiar with," I made an attempt to agree with you and add on to why perhaps you thought that.