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We gotta make ot work somehow, though. Even if we 100% stopped production of greenhouse gasses today we're still looming on the edge of climate disaster with the CO2 already in the atmosphere. The normal biological and geological processes that sequester CO2 move too slowly to save us.

We gotta scale that shit up.


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I was working a job in the upper floor of an extremely old ass building that had a bunch of different roof access points. This apparently made it a prime shelter for the local pigeons because every time I worked that site there were always at least a few hanging around.

One day I went up there and saw a trio of pigeons off in the corner. Two of them were walking around, not doing much beyond sticking close to the third one. The third one I thought was already dead. It looked old and sick and was so still and unmoving. The only reason I knew it was still alive was because it would occasionally adjust it's feet to get more comfortable.

I worked that site for several hours and through all that time the two other pigeons never left the side of their sick friend. Eventually the sick pigeon looks like it has some kind of pigeon seizure, dramatically falling onto it's side and flopping around. Almost as soon as it started it stops, and the pigeon goes still again.

I just watched a pigeon stroke out and die before my very eyes.

It's two friends inspect it for a moment before going towards the nearest chimney and flying up and out.

It always struck me how they stuck with it to the very end.

Pigeon solidarity.


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>The people who see no problem with Gitmo probably don't care why people hate America.

They'll loudly cry and gnash their teeth about how anyone could think we aren't the best that ever existed but when you start listing reasons why we aren't the best they throw an even bigger toddler tantrum before stomping off to rage binge more fox news.


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We've been talking about the environmental impact for literal decades. Fossil fuels gotta go or we're all gonna die. Slowly. Horribly. Agonizingly. Stretched out over decades and centuries as the planet becomes a thick hot morass of death and decay.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool or a liar. Possibly both.

You can think renewables are ugly all you want, but I don't care. I'll bury everything you ever look at in solar panels. From here on out until the day the sun fucking dies I hope the only thing you ever see again is solar panels.


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It's even less renewable than coal and petroleum.

I mean yeah you let the earth sit for a few hundred million years you'll eventually get more carbon based fuels but if you want uranium you gotta blow up some god damned stars.

Do you have any idea how difficult that is?! It's pretty fucking difficult, genius.


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You must not come here often.

This is actually a subreddit where people share horrifying tragedies that have very minor positive spins that do absolutely nothing to change how much the inciting event straight up fucking sucks.

Case in point, this post. Lots of people died or lost their homes and loved ones, but some little kids donated loose change. I mean yeah that's nice of them but this isn't uplifting. People are dead and this subreddit wants us to smile and forget.


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Humans have had an insatiable urge to explore, chart, and colonize every square inch of habitable land for as long as we've been humans.

The morass of space will not stop us. We will spread and claim and consume until we have conquered every last bit of empty of space in the galaxy. Even if it takes us a million years.


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Planting them has a labor and material cost and they won't start making headway on real carbon deficits for many years.

Meanwhile this technology continues to be experimented with and improved upon. It's only going to get easier and cheaper as we work on it harder and harder. Combine it with reducing our carbon emissions and we'll make some good headway on not burning the world to a fucking crisp.


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Also fossil fuels kill more birds than wind or solar per megawatt generated by several orders of magnitude.

Like, there's just no comparison. If you want to protect birds you build wind turbines.