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I've tried various plant meats and while the taste has usually been fine I've generally found the texture somewhat off-putting.

Though to be fair I haven't yet tried a plant based chicken breast.


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You sound like you get your alternative facts from fox news. You should correct that >.>

>Covering every rooth with solar panels is quite literally impossible.

How is it "literally impossible"? At most it would be a massive financial and structural investment that would take years to do. Difficult, but not impossible in the least.

>Wind energy is also horrible for the environment as when ever it gets too windy, it has to be shut off or it's motor will combust.

How does shutting down a power generating turbine due to inclement weather make it horrible for the environment?

>That ain't even the main issue, it's the fact it's killing thousands of endangered birds every year, and tens of thousands of non endangered birds.

If you actually did research instead of listening to rightwing pundits spin yarns about imaginary bogeymen you'd know that the amount of birds killed by wind turbines is so few as to be almost a complete non issue. Coal and natural gas plants actually kill many dozens of times more birds per megawatt generated than wind or solar. If you want to protect birds, build more wind and solar.

>Solar has also been killing birds that fly over the solar farms, getting fried by the intensified sunlight reflected off of panels.

You're thinking of water heated sunlight reflection solar. It uses a vast collection of mirrors that reflect sunlight onto a water tower to boil the water and use the steam to turn a turbine. Photovoltaic solar panels installed nowadays absorb sunlight by turning it into electricity directly.

No one is putting mirrors on their roof to boil water for steam turbines. PV panels are way more efficient now. And PV panels certainly don't emit high intensity beams of energy capable of frying birds.

Maybe go read about the stuff you're trying to discredit before you go spout such a massive wall of lies and falsehoods.


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I don't know if plant based synthetic meat will ever be comparable in taste or texture. I think lab grown meat will hit all the required notes much more readily.

I suppose it will all come down to whichever one scratches all the right spots while at the same time being commercially cheaper than real meat.


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It's actually a one note research anomaly in the space civ game Stellaris.

An unknown alien civilization from thousands of years in the past accidentally wiped itself out by trying to tow a massive asteroid into orbit around their planet where it could be mined for it's rich metal content.

Except they were way off about their calculations and sent it towards the planet too fast. They couldn't stop it in time and it impacted so hard it wiped all life off the planet.

But you get a +3 alloy bonus when you put a mining station over the planet because of it, so that's good for you at least.


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Space is so vast (even just within our own "cosmic neighborhood") that accidentally knocking a large rock directly into a collision course with Earth would take (pardon me for this) astronomically bad luck.

The only way I could see us doomsday'ing ourselves this way was if we were too stupid about towing a massive asteroid with lots of metals into orbit around Earth so it would be easier to mine. At least then we were actually trying to get it to go in the direction of Earth.


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This isn't terraforming so much as it is a proof of concept for ability to take what thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide is there and using it to make oxygen for any terrarium people that may end up living there. Or oxidizer for rocket fuel.

The Kurzgesagt video on Venus is a rather interesting terraforming idea if you haven't seen it already.