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In fairness, if I recall correctly, if it weren't for interstellar dust and light pollution, Andrommeda would have roughly six times the angular diameter in the night sky as the moon.


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>I think being a murderer and having a resulting bit of ill fortune which was corrected makes him less sympathetic than others affected by the Windrush scandal.

So exactly what I said, then?


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Why would this guy need to be sympathetic? He is British, convicted murderer or not. Do you think we should be deporting British citizens because they were convicted of a crime? Because that's worked out so well in the past... You trying to throw caveats in there to justify his deportation is just fucking bizarre.


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That's a long way of saying "I don't believe in rehabilitation or spent convictions."

EDIT: I've never seen someone who is right resort to blocking people. Seems like an easy way to shut down conversation without having to justify your position.

>The whole Windrush Scandal was a shameful moment in our history, but this guy has to be the least sympathetic human in the entire story.

But, therefore what?


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I hate the intro music for Peep Show, despite it being my favourite comedy ever. Though it is the exact sort of shit they would like.