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FaceID usually gets better over time, and you can train it by looking at it when you enter your passcode when it asks for it, when face isn't recognized. I took a long time to switch over from TouchID as well, but once I did, FaceID is actually much better imho, though I wouldn't mind having both!


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Dynamic island is going to take a few updates to work out most of the kinks, or even until next gen phone even. Being limited to Pro phones makes the userbase relatively small atm, I see lots of issues of it blocking things not only on Apple's side, but app developers as well - like a search bar on top of the app or display info being covered by the island.

Not being on a regular model probably slows the development and evolution of it, bit of a catch 22.


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It's fine, if it's working then don't worry about it.

iPhones can take a pretty hard knock, but it's also down to luck. Sometimes it just takes an awkward short drop and broken. Other times, it goes down a flight of stairs and is perfectly fine. Again though if it's working, just relax and don't worry about it.


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It needs to be restored, might be a stolen phone that got wiped. If you buy it as it is, and restore it you might find that it's activation locked to the previous owner's appleid, and you will be left with an expensive brick.

If so seller will probably be, the phone is just fine, you just have to restore it in iTunes. blah blah blah


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If you want to charge through wood or a desk or whatever, you're probably better off with a qi setup than magsafe. They sell under desk qi wireless kits - with tuneable strength to optimize charging. IKEA also sell a relatively inexpensive one but it's pretty basic - Smojarke.

If you're set on magsafe though, best performance would probably be from routing a pocket for the magsafe charging end, and covering that over with a thin veneer. Or routing it out from the other side, so the top surface is thin, then installing the magsafe and packing it the hollow at the bottom so it's sturdy.


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Yes. To function properly the phone needs a working battery. Usually if it's just degraded down to 80% or whatever, the battery is still very functional - you just won't get much out of it before needing to recharge.

If the battery has developed some sort of fault or has a failed cell or has super degraded or whatever, then yeah it can cause a multitude of issues, because the phone isn't designed to operate with such a battery, whatever the mode.


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You've been scammed. Seller got a discounted or free phone on contract, but sold it to you without seeing out his contract. Very common scam, there's nothing much you can do aside from trying to get a return/refund but that's probably unlikely - gone with the wind. Maybe small claims, but you'll have to track seller down.


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Lost mode is more for securing your data, and aiding in getting your phone back from an honest person. It won't prevent wiping of the phone in iTunes. But in which case your data will be wiped and also the phone will still be activation locked. Without your password, they will not be able to use the phone, because it will be activation locked.

That's why in some higher level scams, they try and phish the password from you, so they can remove the lock. Again be wary of fraudulent emails, Apple will never ask you for your passwords etc.


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They can factory wipe the phone, but it will still be activation locked and unuseable, unless you remove it. Don't remove it and just leave it in lost mode whether it updates you or not. You might not get any more updates if it's battery disconnected and going to parted out etc.

You should also be careful of receiving any suspicious emails asking you for account info or iCloud login from spoof or phishing emails. They will try and get you to remove activation lock pretending to be Apple.


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It's probably the matte oleophobic coating that's being scratched. The iPhone 11 and up started having this coating on the back glass. It naturally wears away with use anyway, especially around the corners being taken in and out of a case, or if no case it will wear off over time.

You can try and protect it I guess, but I wouldn't bother. There are products available that can reapply a similar coating, or you can also polish it off to just a glass surface.


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There's no way to get into the phone without passcode. Trying to guess too many times will also permanently disable it. That's the point of the passcode security - it's encrypted and Apple won't be able to help with this. Period.

Apple can help you with gaining access to their appleid, for iCloud data and activation lock on the phone. This requires a formal legal process, and varies depending on where you're located.