Toiletchan t1_j2x166y wrote

The wage of the average high school teacher has minimally increased since then and has fallen extreme magnitudes below adjustment rates for inflation and cost of living increases.

Are you saying 38k a year is sufficient to draw the necessary talent under the current position requirements?

I think relating that to DoE budget increases is not only disingenuous but a flat out diversion of the actual problem.

The only salary on the DoE that have seen proper increases relative to economic scaling is those in administrative positions.

We need better paid teachers not more admin pay.


Toiletchan t1_j2wz30u wrote

No, the quality of the education has plummeted because of budget cuts and lack of proper compensation for the teachers with the necessary understanding to teach that class and still make rent/bill payments.

A good science teacher can change an entire generation with the scholars they produce and inspire. But not at 38k a year for a four year degree and vetted license process.