TokiSir t1_j8k8bv1 wrote

“Hey, Leo, you know about dwarves?” I asked as I walked up to his workstation, where Leo was hunched over, absorbed in his work

Leo’s hunched back unfurled and his head turned to me as he pulled away from his most recent work. It was a circular object with thin lines inside and insanely detailed contraptions, with segmented “legs” on two sides. “Dwarves? The fairytale type?” He responded, his voice dry and gruff. “Bingo! Just the thing,” I said cheerfully, “the craftsman-miner-people”. “What about ‘em?” Leo questioned, “I wanna get back to my watch.” “Well,” I heeded, “aren’t you pesky human types the dwarves of the universe?” Leo’s face flushed and illustrated a confusing composure of amusement and anger alluded by the assortment of reds and pinks on his face. Amazingly, his face stayed relatively the same, except for a faint smile. He seemed taken-aback, positively flustered, but that was exactly what I expected. After a second, instead of feeling indignation, anger, or anything of that sort, he put on a mischievous grin. “Yeah, I suppose we are. I can’t be talking, at the very least.”

“Told you so.”


Here’s my author’s notes I guess. I didn’t really know what to do so I chose to do a little “slice of life” instead of some crazy action-packed sequence (though now the idea is totally in my head!!!! Ugh!!). I really liked the alliteration but maybe it was too forced? Either way, hope you enjoyed!