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I find this hilarious. Every time I get in a cab the cabbies loves to tell me stories about getting robbed at gunpoint in my neighborhood and how much it’s changed sense the 80s.

The last one told me about how you use to be able to pick up prostitutes all around the White House until Ragen was sitting on the porch one night and told his secret service to do something useful. The cabbie said he had the secret service loading up his car with hookers and telling him to drop them off in falls church lol

All this to say it’s all relative man. The old days were roughhh depending on how old you go


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Welcome to brunch town lol.

But seriously there are some hidden jewel spots that won’t be like a midwestern diner but very welcoming and homey. Heat da spot is one that comes to mind

Bars you should have covered. But if you’re looking for a good Midwest spot. Ivy snd Coney can’t be beat


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I love Verizon Fios, I was on xfinity but I felt like the bill kept creeping up. Fios and YouTube TV has been awesome. No billing surprises, no issues streaming, gaming or working remotely.

Side note one of the best things you can do is buy a solid router to eliminate the monthly charge for renting one. I got a netgear nighthawk that’s worked like a champ for the past 3 years, but honestly you can get a cheaper one for the same result. It pays for itself within a year