TonyJZX t1_ivtlg18 wrote

you'll find the australian gov. is very very lenient on businesses who mess up

the govt. themselves had a federal health database leak like over a year ago

also medibank is almost an australian institution... too big to fail so they'll have the full backing of the feds

medibank wont suffer at all given they're on the huge pile of aussie companies who have suffer leaks


TonyJZX t1_irn13sw wrote

the 'problem' for this guy is that technolgy moves on

you might look at hdmi as an analog to type c

hdmi has been around for close to 15yrs? of course there's new tech that comes along so it must be added to hdmi

why would type c not be the same? the type c cable is constantly evolving and further companies will get away with what they can so they will 'add' stuff or make modifications to a standard that the 'type c usb' controlling body may not be able to stop