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I think the worst possible idea is allowing a single person or handful of people to have near-total control over the future of AI, which will be the future of humanity. The process should be democratized as much as can be. Open source is one way to accomplish that, though it brings its own dangers as well


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I disagree for a number of reasons. Chatgpt is nowhere remotely close to AGI and is giving remarkable, accurate summaries of complex topics in history and philosophy. Covering current events is not particularly different from covering past events, with the exception of ongoing developments and possibly a more incomplete picture

I bring up philosophy in particular because while there may or may not be an “objective” truth to the universe, there are certainly more and less correct statements you can make. AI is beginning to get things right more often than they get them wrong, which I’m not sure humans can say the same. And if AI can actually some day do philosophy, there is nothing it cannot do