Tonyhillzone t1_jegckyr wrote

How did the bad guys know that Sully had left the forest and to go looking for them?

Why did the water tribe abandon Sully and family half way through the big fight, and just reappear and the end to tell them that they are family now?

How many times did the kids get kidnapped and yet left in an unsecured location by supposedly badass military people?

What happened to the bad guys going native like they said they were going to do at the beginning?

And it's pretty much a rehash of the first movie, just in a water setting.

Also, they talk about needing to pacify the locals so humans can settle Pandora because Earth is dying. Why would you settle a planet/moon that had an atmosphere so toxic it renders you unconscious in seconds?

Stunning film, but more of a David Attenborough nature documentary than a coherent story. Enjoyable though.


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What exactly do you want people to do? Burn down the entire country to force the government to change their policy? Maybe kill a few people?

I'm pro-protesters. I'm just anti-vandals and thugs. Burning and looting isn't democracy, its thuggery.

And FYI, I've been arrested 4 times for being involved in protests, but I've never used violence or intimidation or engaged in wanton vandalism. I've also suceeded in helping to get a small change in Irish law in August 2008 by engaging with various politicians and putting forward a damn good argument based on facts and research. So I'm not afraid to actually do something.


Tonyhillzone t1_je4z2qv wrote

If protesters that I support tried to burn my car (an inanimate object), I'd be more that happy to beat the crap out of them.

I support democracy. I support protests. I support the French people with this issue.

I do not support destruction of property (public or private) as a form of protest. It's criminal and it's morally wrong.


Tonyhillzone t1_je4xpoe wrote

Naturally violence shouldn't be used against any innocent person or group.

But honestly, if someone was setting fire to my car, home, or business, I'd use more than a little force and would be happy for the police to do the same.

Secondly, even if the police used excessive force against innocent protesters, that doesn't then give the protesters the right to go and destroy private property.

It wasn't the police burning cars, buildings or looting.

I support the protesters. I stop supporting individuals when they become thugs and dangerous criminals.


Tonyhillzone t1_je2lid0 wrote

Excessive looting and destruction of property probably should be met with excessive force tbh.


Edit: I support the protests. I support democracy. I support law abiding people.

I don't support thugs (police or protesters). I don't support criminals who destroy public or private property. Disagreeing with your elected government does not give anyone the right to be violent and destroy the property of innocent people.


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The entire Enders story takes place over 3000 years. You could do a 4-5 season show to cover it all. Strongly recommend reading all the books if you haven't.

(And yes, the creator is a complete idiot and lunatic, but that doesn't detract from a great series of books.)